Jhanie Lindon is a Sydney based artist. She has been drawing and creating since childhood, taking her art professional at the age of 21.  Growing up in a creative family and community allowed Jhanie to explore a wide range of different art forms, and inspired her to follow in the artistic direction.

Based on her talent and creativity, at 18, Jhanie was awarded a scholarship to study Design at The Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney. 
Jhanie has exhibited at Artfocus Gallery, Sydney in 2010, and held a Solo Charity Art Exhibition at Butler Goode Gallery, Sydney in 2011. She had a private show in Berry, NSW in 2012, and a Solo Exhibition in Surry Hills in 2013. Jhanie has also shown in Manly Art Month in 2013, was a part of Creatives Uncovered, Sydney in 2014, and also exhibited in Art In The Hills in 2014.

Through her art Jhanie explores mood and emotion, beauty, sexuality and the feminine, through the female form. Her work has a softness and a depth that captures the viewer and draws them in.